Turn a windsucker into a winner
Windsucking, or Cribbing, is a potentially fatal condition that can affect almost any horse. It is a debilitating habitual behavior leading to digestive problems, stomach ulceration and severe loss of condition. It can cost horse breeders, owners and trainers thousands & even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Barclay’s Anti-Cribbing collar offers a cure without the need for continual human intervention. It contains a switch that is activated by the horse’s throat action just before windsucking. It delivers a mild static charge each time the horse attempts to windsuck.

The charge is delivered by a piezo crystal switch similar to those found BBQ ignition systems and mosquito bite 'zappers' commercially available for human use.


Fit the Collar, then it takes 3 to 5 sucks to see the habit broken


30 day money back guarantee excludes postage and handling

This will not harm the horse in any way and will deliver a gentle but effective reminder each time the horse attempts to windsuck.

The Barclay Anti-Cribbing Collar is NOT a constriction type collar. Fitted correctly it does not interfere with breathing, eating or drinking.

    Catch it early & cure it for life
         ▪ Safe
         ▪ Reliable
         ▪ Lightweight
         ▪ Weatherproof
         ▪ No batteries required
         ▪ Weatherproof


Barclay's Collar is available in 2 models.

BC001 - Manufactured from UV resistant nylon.

BC002 - Manufactured from Stainless Steel
              with UV resistant hinged side wings.


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